Jerry 'Dutch' Forstater, PE. PSP, CET - CEO/Managing PrincipalGerald 'Dutch' Forstater, PE, PSP, CET

CEO/Managing Principal

Mr. Forstater founded Professional Systems Engineering, LLC (PSE) in 1986, focusing on design of advanced systems for security, audio/visual/video/theater, communications, and fire protection/life safety. He is a Professional Engineer in over one dozen states, NICET certified in fire alarm and sprinkler systems, and a board-certified Physical Security Professional. Under his leadership, the firm has become nationally known for its expertise in design and engineering of integrated systems for complex projects in campus-wide environments and critical infrastructure for leading telecom, electronics, manufacturing, pharmaceutical, and commercial clients.

He has considerable experience managing projects for highly specialized facilities including energy plants, manufacturing, industrial complexes, diverse corporate, museum, theater, and educational campuses. With decades of project experience, he has served as key project professional on hundreds of government/agency, institutional, correction, education, transportation, aviation, corporate, industrial, and large cultural projects totaling over $5 billion in construction costs.

Clients have included Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts, Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, Sunoco, CITGO, Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, State of Montana, Girl Scouts of America, FAA, FBI, USAID, Administrative Office of the U.S. Courts, and Rikers Island.

The variety of projects in-house today reflect an extraordinarily active office that includes engineering for Broadway theaters, New York high-rises, critical power protection for the FAA, advanced secondary technology and performing arts schools, public safety designs for major law enforcement facilities throughout the U.S., and 8,000 networked cameras for a major city.

He has presented for the IAPSC, ASIS, Delaware Valley SFPE, Secured Cities conferences, and was an instructor for INFOCOMM. He is a Past Board Member of ASIS International, Greater Philadelphia Chapter; and is 2nd Vice President/Membership of Delaware Valley Chapter, Society of Fire Protection Engineers. He is a former board member of International Association of Professional Security Consultants (IAPSC).

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Jason M. Delp, EIT - Partner / Vice President / Engineered Systems + Operations Vice President Engineered Systems + OperationsJason M. Delp, PE, CSI, CDT

Partner + Vice President
Director of Engineering

Mr. Delp is Vice President and Director of Engineering. Jason Delp, a partner with the firm, has over 16 years of experience with PSE in successfully executing project strategies. His superior communication skills in developing engineering processes produce innovative project solutions exceeding client expectations. He excels at consulting, design, engineering, and management for advanced systems in security, A/V, telecom, IT, technology, and fire protection systems. He has completed well over one hundred government agency, correctional/court/justice, education, transportation, corporate, health, and theater technology projects throughout the nation.

His portfolio of new construction and renovation projects ranges from technological complexity to multi-million dollar integrated systems projects. Many of the projects utilize his vast knowledge of specialized and customized equipment which require integration with existing technologies, while providing high-level construction administration, commissioning services, and building systems management while navigating complex code issues.

He directs staffing of all engineering projects, consulting processes, and CAD/BIM design as well as scheduling of project deliverables, quality control reviews, and providing financial projections of related workload activities.

Michael Michalski, EIT - Partner / Vice President / Government Services + Technology Vice President Government Services + TechnologyMichael Michalski, EIT

Partner + Vice President
Government Services + Technology

Mr. Michalski is Vice President of Government Services + Technology. Michael Michalski, a partner with the firm, has over 20 years experience with PSE. He has established a reputation and carved a demanding engineering role for sustainable infrastructure and technology design. His projects range from small, complex, unique projects to large-scale, multi-phase projects for new construction and renovation. His work includes projects in technology, corporate, government, corrections, justice/courts, police/public safety, EOC/9-1-1, aviation/transportation, pharmaceutical, manufacturing, and medical/laboratory/health facilities. His knowledge and expertise includes security, telecommunications, audio/visual, fire alarm, and lighting systems.

He is known for solving clients’ problems with strong design concepts executed in a collaborative style. He has an excellent track record for completing projects with unyielding deadlines and rigid budget limits with exacting client deliverables and concise, persuasive, and clear client communications. Mr. Michalski’s specialties include project planning, project management, documentation, drawings and reports, equipment and budget development, system layout and integration, construction, bid, and commissioning services.

He often balances the requirements of governmental agencies – DHS, TSA, law enforcement, and additional multiple federal agencies and authorities including city, state, and local agencies. He’s able to synthesize the project’s elements and phases, communicate his insights, and produce designs that correctly and wisely inform key stakeholders.

Tom Pilson, IV, CSC - Associate Vice President /Public Safety + Security Public Safety + SecurityThomas H. Pilson, IV, CSC, PSP

Partner + Vice President
Public Safety + Security

Mr. Pilson is a Partner and Vice President of Public Safety + Technology. Tom leads his team not only through design and engineering, but also to ensure successful project outcomes as he brings his combined experience of being an agency facilitator and consultant to each project. Tom has 24 years of dedicated experience which allows him to understand client needs and relate them to engineering and consulting requirements. As a justice, law enforcement, and public safety facility administrator for 13 years prior to coming to PSE in 2008, his understanding of project management and focus on the needs of the Owner has allowed him to successfully complete each of his projects to the absolute satisfaction of the clients he represents.

Tom specializes in detention and correctional security, operations, electronic and physical security, perimeter technologies, and government and enterprise security requirements. His intimate experience has afforded him the opportunity to closely understand and work hand in hand with government, law enforcement, architects, engineers, and lawmakers to ensure complete security and public safety.

Tom’s experience and know-how includes physical security, electronic security, detention hardware, access control, perimeter detection, video surveillance, and control room design based on over two decades of providing practitioner’s training, administration, consulting, and design with operational expertise and trust. His experience and understanding of all aspects of design and construction from $1 million to $100 million projects puts him in the unique position of intimately understanding the process from all sides.

Timothy Bergan, CCNP, CCDP - Director of Network + Mission Critical Technology Director of Network + Mission Critical TechnologyTimothy Bergan, CCNP, CCDP, CTS-D

Sr. Associate
Director of Network + Mission Critical Technology

Tim Bergan is a Sr. Associate and is the Director of Network + Mission Critical Technology. Tim has an exceptional focus in qualitative and quantitative analysis of data distribution network and communication systems design and optimization. In doing so, he embraces exacting computer and fault tolerant network performance for the global reach of better communication with heightened security. He is a Cisco Certified Network and Design Professional as well as a degreed electrical and computer & systems engineer. He works with systems involving data centers, emergency communications, telecom, data network systems, justice A/V design, and command centers.

His network-specific knowledge includes router management, IP addressing, switching, multicast, security, device hardening, IOS firewall configuration, VoIP implementation, DiffServ, QoS, and VLAN security. His far-reaching technical experience also includes network design and layout, as well as document preparation for physical and electronic security, digital communications, audio/visual systems, command and control visual mapping and monitoring centers with state and global reach, and communications equipment for integration with IP-based technology.

He possesses a strong electrical, electronic, computer science, and network engineering background and experience with file systems, server architectures, audio/visual/video systems, and performance tuning. He works effectively with business stakeholders to understand functional requirements and translates those into technical drawings, diagrams, reports, RFP’s, and specifications to create technical solutions.

Security & Communications Engineering