PSE provides physical security assessments and design, electronics engineering, mission critical computer network and command center design, integration of acoustics, audio, visual, video, radio controls, and life safety/fire protection specialties as core expertise.

We develop planning concepts and strategies, yielding studies, specifications, and detailed drawings that exceed customer technology enterprise expectations.

PSE Provides



    • Exceptional Client Service
    • Focus on the Needs of Our Clients
    • Cost-effective, Efficient, and Successful Solutions
    • Security Systems without Downtime
    • Reliability and Project Management Continuity

What’s our definition of sustainability Reliability and project management continuity. See our newest video describing our leadership in talent, continuity, and sustainability.

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How do I reduce my operational costs for security systems?

The marking model for the cheap printer and the expensive print cartridge replacement has been a critical recurring revenue model for the video management sales channel for many years. It will continue to be so. By charging customers between 15% and 18% per year as a “Gold Member,” the system cost at first appears reasonable. But, the devil is in the details. For instance, how can a camera that is essentially a hundred or more times better than that which was made in 1996 cost half as much, even in today’s dollars? The theory of licensing revenue provides a positive revenue for the manufacturer. But, a largely negative revenue stream for security operations, directly subtracting from staffing, needed investment, and opportunities for reinvestment.

In essence, many customers are paying in five years the cost of the original equipment, but gaining only support for warranty issues of software-related items, patches, and an occasional analytics improvement that rarely are used by more than 25% of users.




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