PSE provides physical security assessments and design, electronics engineering, mission critical computer network and command center design, integration of acoustics, audio, visual, video, radio controls, and life safety/fire protection specialties as core expertise.

We develop planning concepts and strategies, yielding studies, specifications, and detailed drawings that exceed customer technology enterprise expectations.

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    • Exceptional Client Service
    • Focus on the Needs of Our Clients
    • Cost-effective, Efficient, and
      Successful Solutions
    • Security Systems without Downtime
    • Reliability and Project
      Management Continuity

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Reliability and project management continuity. See our newest video describing our leadership in talent, continuity, and sustainability.

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How can I implement a 50% reduction in lighting energy costs?

The benefits of renovating old lighting systems, especially fluorescent and metal halide, are clear from both a light output standpoint and replacement lifecycle cost. LED’s are a great new way to substitute common lighting systems, but the elements of the LED itself, its structure, its color, and especially the drivers, determine both the light output and the heat output.

Most LED systems have either remote drivers, or built‑in drivers, depending on the application. Either way is acceptable; however, benefits for dimming and if environmental concerns are of value, then remote drivers are usually the way to go.




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