PSE provides physical security assessments and design, electronics engineering, mission critical computer network and command center design, integration of acoustics, audio, visual, video, radio controls, and life safety/fire protection specialties as core expertise.

We develop planning concepts and strategies, yielding studies, specifications, and detailed drawings that exceed customer technology enterprise expectations.

PSE Provides

    • Exceptional Client Service
    • Focus on the Needs of Our Clients
    • Cost-effective, Efficient, and
      Successful Solutions
    • Security Systems without Downtime
    • Reliability and Project
      Management Continuity


How can I project and manage the technology build-out and expansion of my corporate command 9-1-1/PSAP Center?

First and foremost, if you can get to the Cloud with audio, video, and monitoring links; taking advantage of (1) infinitely scalable resources, (2) relinquishing “ownership” of media that is seldom if ever used, and (3) taking advantage of the benefits of a “hardware-less” security environment, then you will have created a disruptor of monitoring and event management. That is the direction of the future. It is in fact now. But, if your assets are staying more 2000 then 2020, read on.

The benefits of using PSE for antenna and feed requirements, design of emergency operation center partial and full activation designs, and E9-1-1 and NextGen systems planning are found in our detailed capturing of operational and system requirements, technology needs, service level, and mobility requirements, interoperability, as well as management needs.

The coordination of CAD dispatch, partial and fully activated emergency operations, technology backup, mission-critical support, and critical infrastructure management are unified by consulting, design, and engineering through PSE’s IT and infrastructure engineering staff’s experience in 9-1-1 since 1986.


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