Catonsville District CourtCatonsville District Court, Maryland

PSE has successfully completed the consulting on security, safety, criminal court security and prisoner safety, court audio, visual, video, testimony, and court clerk recording technologies for the new District Courts in Catonsville, MD. The four-year $50 million+ project was launched by Jerry Dutch Forstater whose past work in Maryland includes many large public safety projects since 199. Michael Michalski guided Project Management, Justice Operational Technologies, and Court Recording Technology through completion early this year. Barry Miller of MD DGS is to be commended for this successful endeavor.

Trumbull County Adult Justice Center, OHTrumbull County Adult Justice Center, OH

Tom Pilson is wrapping up a successful renovation, top-to-bottom of the legacy facility security, detention security, digital video management systems, duress, security intercom,225 and emergency uninterruptible power systems. Replacing all headend equipment, touch screens, and monitoring systems was paramount to public safety mission-critical success. The emergency power 600KW generator was replaced in less than 90 days with a temporary trailer-mounted back-up, in-place for critical needs, never missing a heartbeat.

We commend the Sheriff’s office and the great detectives, sergeants, commanders, officers, and facility staff and the steadfast support of the County Engineers office to reduce risk to staff, visitors, health workers, contractors, detainees, inmates, and community.
Thank you.

PICCPhiladelphia Industrial Correctional Complex (PICC), PA

Tim Bergan is beginning commissioning the Philadelphia Industrial Correctional Complex, or PICC, a 600 bed Philadelphia Prison System detention facility. Upgrades included finishing a 3 Phase build-out since 2010 of a facility security network, detention control systems, and detention locking/frame/hardware revamp. The work progressed after both a safety and technology assessment performed in the 90’s and a physical security locking and facility safety evaluation in 2017. Pedro Pinto of Philadelphia Capital Planning is to be commended for this successful endeavor.

Sing Sing SecuritySing Sing, New York

Sing Sing, a historic prison, first occupied in 1826. It has the unique position of being divided by a railroad into two halves. So, if the trestle bridge dividing the site decays and becomes dangerous, what do you do to keep the trains coming in safe? Replace it. Very carefully in small secure, very safe phases. That’s our job; physical phasing of the multiple high security barriers and fences, gate operators, and multiple detection systems.

Dayton Avenue SchoolDayton Avenue School, Passaic, NJ

This new school consists of four schools – Middle, Magnet, Elementary, and early childhood care. The schools will include security systems that reflect today’s more aggressive needs, sound and lighting for performance theater arts, digital clocks, networks that manage students and their computer/notebook needs and phone, and communications systems that provide high-speed technology in relevant coursework. A design-build project, its cost is approximately $150 million for the very large 448,000 sf undertaking.

Dayton Avenue School is anticipated to open in September of 2022, with a total project cost of $240.9 million.

Howard County CourthouseHoward County Courthouse, MD

This PPP – Public, Private, Partnership – culminated in a $140 Million Justice Court in Ellicott City, MD, is currently being constructed as a build-to-lease, including operations and maintenance cost first borne by the builder/developer. PSE’s role was to specify all physical and electronic security and secure communications.

Lincoln Center Theater – Vivian Beaumont TheaterLincoln Center Theater, New York

Our systems engineering and design teams are experiencing tremendous growth in all our disciplines within all New York City Boroughs including security for justice clients, digital communications and controls for Federal Courts and high performance life safety engineering. PSE is Engineer-of Record providing Fire Alarm Engineering services for the replacement of fire alarm systems in a large complex housing the 2000+ seat Vivian Beaumont Theater, a masterpiece of vintage Broadway splendor, and two off-Broadway theaters. The existing system is comprised of equipment with vintages ranging from the original construction in the mid 1960’s to systems shared with New York Public Library of Performing Arts. The replacement system project is part of a New York City Economic Development Corporation funding initiative.

 Fire Protection Engineering Services Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)

PSE provided highly specialized Fire Protection Engineering services to one of the experimental and research sites at an FAA location. The system was designed to protect critical assets including mission critical high-voltage substation swithchgear with varying hazard classifications. The approach had a specific focus on early warning detection and alarm verification to avoid false activation which would result in severe damage to long lead-time critical electrical components.

Atrium & Large Volume Space Smoke Control & EvacuationAtrium and Large Volume Space Smoke Control and Evacuation for Educational Facilities, New Jersey

PSE fire protection staff has provided Smoke Control/Smoke Evacuation Engineering services for multiple large volume atria. The code compliant system designs were completed by working closely with larger engineering firms who do not employ sophisticated fire detection and smoke control design compliance capabilities in-house. PSE provided detailed calculations, design reports, drawings, mechanical control and air requirements, and specifications as permit sets to code review as a critical piece of the puzzle for difficult life safety projects.

USAID Headquarters at the Ronald Reagan Building, DCPhysical & Electronic Security

PSE provided design services for fire alarm, sprinkler, security, tele/data communications, audio/visual, and sound masking design services for this project for the International Communications Command and Control Center as well as Mobility Design Lab Phase 2 project. The project included the renovation of approximately 40,000 SF on the 7th floor of the Ronald Reagan Building which required both demolition and new construction plans. In addition to user workstations, collaboration space, and conference rooms, the project also included secure network rooms, SCIF spaces, and a new USAID Operations Center to monitor, provide situational awareness, and rescue coordination in spontaneous international events. The renovations allow for a more flexible modern office work space that supports mobile users, yet allows for secure work spaces required by USAID’s various departments in addition to the entirely new operations command center.

Patterson School District, New Jersey

Patterson School District, NJ

The Plainfield School District Administration and PSE provided solutions to important District Technology issues that transgress ordinary limitations of technology. PSE was assign to program District Wide Standards and to provide consulting services for the design, bid, and construction administration of technologies for three of regular schools and two “swing” schools.

District-Wide Access Control: Foresight and planning dictated that a single, centralized access control system incorporating a one-card proximity solution, centralized database, and data sharing would best serve the District. PSE organized a “shootout” between premier security manufacturers to choose the one that best suited the operations and needs of the District.

Central High School, New JerseyCentral High School, NJ

PSE supplied tele/data digital design, educational technology, consulting, and engineering services for this state-of-the-art $70 million, 250,000 SF high school with student capacity of 1,200 students. Services included all network, server, data center, and digital design to meet the advanced technology requirements of the Central High School mission. The network is capable of backbone speeds of 10 gigabit and provides 1 gigabit Ethernet to each desktop. A dedicated network connection provides direct access to the resources of several local universities. The network offers wireless access throughout the building.

IT/communications, Security, Education Technology, Acoustics, and Audio/visual SystemsCareer Technical High School – Hudson County Schools of Technology, New Jersey

PSE is providing services related to IT/communications, security, education technology, acoustics, and audio/visual systems. This project will provide a new facility to merge existing North Bergen and Jersey City campuses and provide a school for 1,500 students and 200 administration and staff members, with a gross building area of approximately 335,000 SF. The school spaces will support the curriculum of Project Based Learning for various Career Academies, providing state of the art education and career paths for students. The building will house the School of Vocation Trades, School of Architecture/Engineering, School of Applied Sciences, and School of Performing Arts. Classrooms will provide flexible teaching environments, along with spaces for remote learning and group collaboration. The School of Performing Arts will feature an Auditorium and Blackbox Theater for professional level productions utilizing advanced video, sound, media, and lighting systems.

University City Science Center, PAUniversity City Science Center, Pennsylvania

PSE provided design/consulting services for the Center City campus consisting of multiple separate buildings.  Services included assessment and recommendations phases for Video Surveillance, Access Control, and Door Hardware; design phases for upgrades to the integrated campus-wide video surveillance system; phases for bidding, evaluation, and negotiation with pre-selected contractors; and a construction observation phase for punch list and final acceptance services.


 Fire Protection Engineering Services International Airport, Fiber Optic Patch Cables

PSE performed an intensive field survey of existing fiber communications plant consisting of 2000+ fiber connections to determine media runs, termination conditions, port availability, and an accurate representation of the current use of their backbone. A large library of photos, field notes, and equipment sketches have been compiled and in turn, converted into a cloud-based catalogue. PSE enhanced reliability, increased productivity, and full understanding of availability in their fiber backbone to future contractors, designers, IT personnel, and future integrators in a cloud-based connectivity enterprise managed system.

SCADA  Power Monitoring & Control SystemInternational Airport, SCADA Power Monitoring & Control System

PSE was tasked with the evaluation of the existing SCADA Power Monitoring and Control System of the an international airport. Spanning an approximate land area of over 2000 acres and 3 million square feet of terminal space, it was necessary for PSE to conduct a site-wide equipment survey of all accessible electrical distribution substations, PLC devices and network interface points. Upon completion of the survey, PSE developed documentation to pave the path for future work to be completed. The purpose was to define and evaluate existing conditions, establish project objectives, make design recommendations, and produce an opinion of probable cost.

Saint Elizabeths Hospital, DC - Fiber Optic Perimeter Intrusion Detection SystemNew York City Secured Facilities – 3 Boroughs, New York

PSE performed a complete survey of multiple facilities to evaluate existing conditions and locations of new camera, equipment, and monitoring locations for the design of new camera locations and other system upgrades. The project resulted in the installation of more than 7,600 new cameras.

Saint Elizabeths Hospital, DC - Fiber Optic Perimeter Intrusion Detection SystemPennsylvania Dept. of General Services, Harrisburg Capitol Complex & Police, Pennsylvania

Rather than face costly legacy equipment, software service agreement, the Commonwealth decided to engage PSE’s security, consulting, engineering and design services. The state needed detailed, in-depth security assessment and survey, design and engineering services of 30 sites throughout five cities to assure safety of staff and visitors while securing each site services.

PSE was awarded contract for statewide security including providing in-depth state-wide survey and security assessments, design and engineering services for rated barriers and physical security, video surveillance, access control, and overall enterprise security monitoring and integration. This project includes buildings in many cities across the state, and extensive coordination with various government agencies and stakeholders while enhancing the Capitol Police Command and Control Center.

Saint Elizabeths Hospital, DC - Fiber Optic Perimeter Intrusion Detection SystemScience Park High School, New Jersey

PSE aided and assisted in preparing documents for Smoke Control System permit approval. Tasks included code investigation, existing documentation research, Inspector/SDA recommendations reconciliation, and NFPA/New Jersey Code compliance/assurance.

PSE also prepared controls sequence of operation, controls matrix of system operation, modify existing smoke control riser for integration with fire alarm and ATC/DDC system, collaborate on revisions to fire alarm and riser drawings and specifications, reviewed all revisions to existing plans prepared, and prepared specifications for controls and new graphic panel.

Physical & Electronic SecurityPhiladelphia New Law Enforcement / Public Safety Campus, Pennsylvania

Providing high level programming of physical and electronic security and IT/communications and command center needs of the new Philadelphia Police Department (PPD) Headquarters. Ballistics, explosive effects, secure areas, access, site safety and secure communications, specialized secure information technology and network needs of Police Administration, Crime Labs, Commissioners’ EOC, Law Enforcement Agency Command Centers, and Special Investigations Units will be addressed with superior technology in lieu of that which is in place today.

Bergen County New Agency Building, New JerseyAccess Control, Video Surveillance, and Data Communications Infrastructure

Providing design and construction administration services for access control, video surveillance, telephone and data communications infrastructure, and conference and presentation room audio/visual systems. The building is a 6-floor, 128,000 SF multi-agency county government administration building plus a pedestrian bridge connecting to an existing building and a new parking structure. PSE will provide base bid construction documents, FF&E procurement support, project management, and regular construction administration services. The total estimated cost of the systems designed and coordinated is $7.5 million for this project with a total budget of $45 million.

McMillan Slow Sand Filtration Site, DC

Provided a Master Plan to include physical security plan objectives at the McMillan site in Washington, DC. This addressed numerous elements with regard to mitigating risk, increasing safety, while improving both the actual physical and “appearance” levels of security. The goals had been improve aspects of self-reliance of the community that is being constructed to allow safe travel, whether by public transportation, private vehicle, or walking, to be accomplished – while employing principles of security such as CPTED (Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design). This included recommendations for improving security for the site, context of borders and territory, communication requirements such as signage or ability to contact emergency services, while including more tangible aspects such as lighting, occupancy transition, and contractor/deliveries security.

Cheltenham Youth Detention Center, MD - Perimeter Security Fencing Systems Cheltenham Youth Detention Center, Maryland

Consulting, design, and engineering services for the construction of a new 72-bed state-of-the-art detention facility to house male juvenile offenders. The new 91,000 SF facility will contain housing, administration, admissions/release, food service, education, recreation, and visitation areas. PSE designed a perimeter security fencing systems consisting of climb resistant fencing and perimeter detection system augmented by exterior video surveillance monitoring, door/gate control system, interior video surveillance/recording system, paging/intercom system, wired duress system, access control/card reader system, guard watch tour system, and a Master Control Center.

Saint Elizabeths Hospital, DC - Fiber Optic Perimeter Intrusion Detection SystemSaint Elizabeths Hospital, Washington, DC

Our team provided facility hardening and perimeter security design for the new hospital. This involved working with a single building that would be divided into a secure side requiring a perimeter solution and a non-secure side with no perimeter requirements.  Since this was a single connected building, PSE developed plans to separate the building using perimeter fencing and barriers, which would span the exterior walls and rooftop to provide the necessary separation.

SCADA  Power Monitoring & Control SystemInternational Airport, SCADA Power Monitoring & Control System

PSE was tasked with the evaluation of the existing SCADA Power Monitoring and Control System of the an international airport. Spanning an approximate land area of over 2000 acres and 3 million square feet of terminal space, it was necessary for PSE to conduct a site-wide equipment survey of all accessible electrical distribution substations, PLC devices and network interface points. Upon completion of the survey, PSE developed documentation to pave the path for future work to be completed. The purpose was to define and evaluate existing conditions, establish project objectives, make design recommendations, and produce an opinion of probable cost.

Girl Scouts of Eastern PennsylvaniaGirl Scouts of Eastern Pennsylvania

Provided communications infrastructure, data network, wireless networking, and A/V system design and engineering.

Northern Valley Regional School District, NJNorthern Valley Regional School District, New Jersey

PSE provided design services for theater technologies for auditorium upgrades at Old Tappan and Demarest High Schools. System design includes amplified sound, video, LED stage lighting, rigging systems, and associated digital control systems.

PAMDC Courtroom Technology Administrative Office of the United States Courts (AOUSC), United States District Court for the Western District of Pennsylvania (PAWDC), Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

PSE provided design/consulting services for courtroom technology. The PAWDC renovation project included a new court space at the existing courthouse building. The existing courthouse had renovations to the entire 10th floor. PSE’s work included a new courtroom space and surrounding support and office spaces. The courtroom includes the infrastructure and equipment required to support advanced features such as video annotation, video conferencing, and teleconferencing.

PAWDC Courthouse RenovationsAOUSC United States District Court for the Middle District of Pennsylvania (MDPA), Harrisburg, Scranton, and Williamsport, Pennsylvania

PSE provided design/consulting services for courtroom technology for three courtrooms in three cities for the United States District Court - Middle District of Pennsylvania. The MDPA projects included the upgrade of the existing courtrooms’ audio and video systems to include digital video input/output, processing, display, fully integrated touch screen controls, and other associated modern courtroom technologies.

19th JDC Court Infrastructure Planning19th Judicial District Court, Louisiana

PSE provided a multi-tenant network, a multi-tenant IP telephone system, data center, expansion of local government WAN, documentation of existing system, infrastructure planning, and equipment. Responsibilities included documentation of existing system, infrastructure planning, server consolidation planning and unification of multiple User Agency’s network and telecommunications systems. The new $112.9 million, state-of-the-art 12-story, 300,000 SF courthouse has the latest in high-tech audio-video systems inside courtrooms, including a transcription recording system and touch screens used to control audio and video.

Security, Communications & Fire ProtectionSouthern Maryland US Courthouse, Maryland

GSA employed our team to tackle a design-build approach renovation, floor-by-floor, to reduce staff displacement during construction, with a 90 day time restriction per floor. PSE provided detailed bridging documents; security, communications, fire protection, audio/visual, and acoustic design services were provided for this design-build project.

Thurgood Marshall U.S. CourthouseAOUSC – NYC US Court of Appeals 2nd Circuit (USCA), Thurgood Marshall U.S. Courthouse Civic Learning Center, New York

PSE provided design/consulting services for audio/video, presentation, and digital exhibit technology. The Court of Appeals – Second Circuit – Thurgood Marshall U.S. Courthouse renovation project included converting an existing library space into a new, high-tech learning center at the existing courthouse building. PSE’s work included customized A/V systems which tightly integrated into architecture for truly impressive appearance and functionality.

The project includes the infrastructure and equipment required to support advanced features such as A/V display and presentation, video conferencing, teleconferencing, and digital exhibits.

Facility Hardening and Site Security RequirementsGlobal Electronics Manufacturer

A Global electronics manufacturer has engaged PSE to provide Facility Hardening and Site Security Requirements for a local plant. Recommendations are being made to improve site security, access control, personal surety, and video surveillance. PSE has been engaged with this agency since 2008 and continues to have a strong relationship providing security and public safety consulting.

Perimeter and Electronic Security System UpgradesSing Sing Correctional Facility, New York

PSE is providing programming and planning services for perimeter and electronic security system upgrades and phasing for a bridge replacement at the Sing Sing Correctional Facility.

 Security and Telecommunication Consulting and CA ServicesChatham County Detention Center, Georgia

Provided security and telecommunication consulting and construction administration services for the Chatham County Detention Center. The expansion project will add 400,000 SF and bring the total number of inmate beds to 2,300. Major renovations will be done to the administration building, medical, kitchen, laundry and warehouse facilities. A work-release center is planned along with further renovation which will accommodate the need for any possible future expansions.

Security Assessment Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, New York

Provided a security assessment for AOA access areas at Newark Liberty International (EWR) and LaGuardia International (LGA) airports. This project involved 165 doors and included documenting the existing security measures at each door and all maintenance conditions. The goal of the project is to recommend security improvement required to reduce false alarm rates and improve the security of the AOA. PSE surveyed doors to compile a database of locations, classifications, configurations, conditions, and recommendations for security improvement.

Surveillance Systems DesignPort Authority of New York and New Jersey, New York

CCTV surveillance systems design for Newark Liberty International Airport and LaGuardia Airport serving over 60 million passengers annually.

Federal Bureau of Prisons HOLC Building, DCFire Alarm Systems & Sprinkler Systems

Provided fire alarm and fire protection engineering, design and consulting services for the renovation of the Basement, 1st, 6th, and 8th floors of this historic building. The project includes the renovation of a majority of the wall partitions, ceilings, doors, and finishes. PSE provided design for fire alarm systems and sprinkler systems for the demolition and renovations of each floor. In addition, historical preservation requirements were maintained in select lobbies, corridors and office spaces. The demolition and renovation drawings included phasing requirements to allow FBOP to manage staff locations during construction.

IT InfrastructurePhiladelphia Department of Public Health (DPH), Pennsylvania

This is the second time that PSE has been awarded the opportunity to help with safety and security guidance for the Agency including physical and electronic security, access control, and incident activation/response monitoring. The newly-designed secure HIPAA networks, IT infrastructure, and communications designs will offer dramatic enhancements to promote departmental efficiencies while streamlining access.

Philadelphia Medical Examiner's Office (MEO), PennsylvaniaForensic IT Technology

As part of a new Public Safety Campus, the Medical Examiner’s Office will signify a great step in utilizing state-of-the-art equipment, forensic IT technology, and needed security to evaluate, study, determine, and disseminate information appropriately to all parties while providing a more suitable and secure place for families and loved ones to receive information.

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